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Cleaning Car Leather Seats

on April 3, 2014

Having a car involves a lot of responsibilities. Aside from making sure that the outside of the car gets regular cleaning and maintenance, it is equally vital that you are able to clean and maintain well it’s interiors as well. This is why you must make sure that you know how to clean your leather car seats. Sometimes spillages occur in the middle of the day when you don’t have time for professional cleaners. You need to know what to do when this happens.

First you have to make sure that your cleaning materials are prepared. The materials that you will need to use in cleaning car leather seats are a vacuum cleaner, leather cleaner, soft cloth, and water. If you see salt stains on the leather seats, you will need to prepare white vinegar too as you will need to use it as well. There are other materials you can use to take away leather stains, though. These are aerosol hairspray, non-acetone nail polish remover, and toothpaste. Yes, you heard me right. I said toothpaste.

Start cleaning your car leather seats by using the vacuum cleaner. There will be little pieces of dirt and possibly even crumbs hiding there. Make sure that you are able to vacuum most, if not all, of them. To make sure that you don’t miss anything, you can move the backrest down and utilize the vacuum’s long nozzle attachment.

There are many kinds and brands of leather cleaners, each one may have a different usage procedure. Make sure that you are able to read the directions well and apply the leather cleaner as the instructions dictate. Do not forget, however, that using more liquids such as water and leather cleaner will prolong the time that the leather seats will take to dry up hence try to control the amount of liquid you use on them.

Get your cloth and make sure it is cleaned. Rinse it thoroughly too. Use the damp cloth to wipe the seats to take away the excess liquid cleaner. It will also allow you to wipe away the dirt that cannot be vacuumed.

If you see salt stains, the most common kind of leather seat stains, use a white vinegar and water mixture (1 part each). Get a clean cloth and wet it with the vinegar solution. Rub the cloth where the stains are and make sure that the leather dries up perfectly before using it. For ink stains, you can make use of the non-acetone nail polish remover. For most other stains, make use of aerosol spray. Just apply it directly to the stain and wipe it away. Among the stain removing materials mentioned above, the most commonly seen at any home is toothpaste. To use it, just apply it straight to the stain and scrub it in lightly. Leave it there for a few minutes and wipe it away. It will go with the stain. It’s cheap and almost always effective. However, depending on the flavour used, you may have to deal with a residual scent. It’s therefore recommended that you use it as a last alternative when you can’t get the other cleaners.

Now that you know the most basic and effective ways of cleaning car leather seats, you can surely be able to clean your car interiors yourself. You see, you don’t really need to pay for and spend a lot in professional cleaners to get it done. All you have to make sure is to follow these simple steps and be certain that your car leather seats are properly cleaned and odour free. What’s more, you will most certainly enjoy doing it and over time, you will be extremely good at it!

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