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How to master Anti-Braking system ABS

on April 1, 2014

The latest vehicles come up with advanced safety features which help in saving the life of the people inside the car. One of the ground stone of a safety vehicle is the anti- braking system or ABS. The main function of ABS is to prevent the wheels getting licked while braking. ABS is applicable even under heavy braking conditions.

Japanese manufacturers Hit

The Toyota, Honda Nissan and Mitsubishi are a few famed Japanese cars that run in every individual mind. The power, fuel economy, brakes and efficiency are that what people look out for when purchasing a car. Japanese car manufacturers focus on both the interiors, exteriors for an appealing look and never leave out a single aspect towards development. Though its power packed, durability or performance they strive hard to roll into one with reasonable cost. Japanese cars are able to be purchased at a rate affordable by all.

Importance of ABS

During the manufacturing process the Japanese manufacturers are aware of the accidents like skidding if the car on a slippery road. To overcome this issue the anti-braking system was introduced. The anti-brake system was initially used for aircrafts and later on equipping for cars. An anti-breaking system consists of a central electronic unit and each wheel possessing a speed sensor which counts up to four totally. Apart from this two hydraulic valves are also present on the brake circuit. When the system tracks out the rotation of the wheel slower than the others, the valve pressure is induced in the braking circuit which in turn enhances or reduces the braking force on the wheel. This process continues on and on.

Benefits of ABS

The main advantage of an anti-braking system is that it is a mechanical method. The brakes are able to pump very instantly than the driver does it. The other advantage is that skill or practice is never required for a ABS, the car takes up the responsibility. To prevent wheel lock up the driver has to pump often when ABS is not installed. So it is advantageous for the driver. The ABS automatically pumps brakes where the driver just requires to place the foot firmly on the brake pedal. ABS diminishes the cruelty of collisions, and is useful when steering through skids.

Traction Control

Another added option available along with ABS is the traction control. The advantage of this system is that the tires are in line with traction towards the ground at times of tough acceleration or turning. Traction controls working is successful when it’s mingled with ABS and not utilized in vehicles with standard brakes. There are also new technologies coming up which helps in spotting slippage, and control of braking and throttle is accomplished simultaneously. Recent reports have opened up that Anti- lock braking systems has brought down the car accidents by 18% and the Run Off road accidents has come down to 35%.

Why Japanese cars hit the Market

A guarantee of excellence and quality is promised in Japanese cars, this has grabbed in a lot of people as they made up their promise with quality. Japanese manufacturers build cars that offer worth for every penny being spent on it. Apart from new introductions from the Japanese automobile industries, they have knowledge about their customers craze on certain models, so they also take interest in renovating them with added features. With such many cars under discussion the Toyota is a grand hit loved by almost all the people for its features, style and look. International progress is achieved with models like civic, accord and Honda.

Before concluding the discussion, it is vital for one to utilize anti braking systems in their cars for better and safe driving conditions. For more details one can run the sites and make a more detailed list.


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